With a single KillSpam package, you can prevent spam infestation to an unlimited number of email addresses on a single domain name, and theres no email client configuration necessary, only a simple change to your domain mx records.

Access : £9.49 + vat per month

The KillSpam server clusters work in the background, using complex algorithms and precedures to eliminate 99.6% of your spam, although most customers report complete removal. Even so, on a weekly basis the system will email you a list of all those stopped emails so you can see for your self and even act on the messages if need be.

You will also have an individual login to the cluster itself if you wish to, where there are some parameters that can be editied, such as style and date of the reports, and of course, a full log of everything ever detected, with the reasons why. Take a look at the User InterfaceUser Interface screenshots.

The service allows for one domain name with unlimited email addresses that are automatically added to the Kill Spam cluster when the account is generated, no configuration needed.