Killspam (Transcom) Web Hosting

Killspam (Transcom) Web Hosting

£18.00 £4.99 / month

Top it all up by taking advantage of our business unlimited hosting, this offer is well under our normal rate and is exclusive for Killspam users, you can check the facilities offered at our main site, Transcom ISP.  Domain owners, leased domain users or even new domains can use our hosting when slected with any one of our Killspam packages, even the Free service

  • General Information
We use multiple clusters running different techniques to assess the content of all emails as well as procudures to detect bad attempts and gaining access before they even reach the email servers, remembering that one failure doesnt always mean rejection. In addition, we collect spam data from thousands of sources every minute of the day to ensure we are upto date with the latest threats, some of these services are :

  • Bitdefender Antivirus - Microsoft SPF Verification - DKIM Verification Keys - SURBL's - Sender Verification - Reverse DNS failures - Multiple RBL's - DMARC Reporting - Inbound and Outbound Rate Limiting - DNSWL trusted sources - PRERBL's - URIRBL's - Two Bayesian pattern matchers - Statistical Filters - Tet Recognition - Image format / size detection - PDF analysis - DNS RBL's - DCC Control - Razor Control - Pyzor Control - Analyse TNEF Attachments - Anti Virus and Malware - HTML Controls / Disarm, Block, Allow - Message Format Controls - Attachment Names - Attachment Types - Neural Network sender matching - Automatic Whitelists - Authentication challenges - Image scanning - Document scanning - Compressed file scanning - Content and Header checks - Anti phishing and Spear Phishing - Greylisting - DNS Blacklists - Country Blacklists - URL DNS checking - RHSBL checks - Tag, Delete or Send spam - Outbound Filtering - LDAP and Exchange Support - DKIM Signing - DMARC - Completel;y Server based (no client needed)
The Transcom Group has over 23 years of corporate Antispam Technology experience, our KillSpam gateway is second to none, and stops more than 99.98% of known spam, malware, virus's, exploits, blacklists, farmers and phishing attempts, with multiple spam filters collecting data from thousands of global sources and refining it every minute of the day. We even scan attachments, inside compressed files and images, in both inbound and outbound emails. Couple that with our very extensive traps for repeat offenders and country banning, we have generated a proven service that has no competition.

Since 1992, weve managed websites, hosting and domains, for some of the largest UK corporates, including Furniture Village, so we know a thing or two about keeping customers happy, many of which have remained with us for over 22 years..   Our policy is simple for startups to the largest corporations, just supply us with a domain name you have or even an idea, and we will turn it into a trouble free reality, with all the background mechanisms and services youll need for your site…

Apart from being a recognised Business grade ISP, weve handled some pretty big projects, a snippet of these are below.  From designing and implementing aircraft Satcom systems for Lufthansa in China, to providing and commissioning internet and Voice services for troops right across the Middle East.  If youve played the Lottery in the UK, youll be glad to hear that we implemented the Satcom Network portion right across the country….