Yes, as an ISP (transcom) we can provide and setup your domain, email and even hosting, plus with the killspam service we have special packs just for this service.  If you allow us to manage your email, we will also give you a control panel where you can add or delete email address’s in real time.

No, we do not support third party free email services as no one has access to their MX records.  For you, its far easier and more ‘business like’ to have us setup your own domain name, this way, you do not have millions of unknown users sharing the domain.  If you would like a free and secure webmail service that uses killspam, and is also anti snooping, then use Sigma Email (our service), otherwise, setup a new domain just for yourself.

One of the very big advantages of killspam is that it will hold and attempt redilvery of your email to its destination for 8 days, so that vital emails will not be rejected in the event that you providers email servers dissapear.

No, we only have access to delivery staus reports, the email headers and reasons why an email was rejected

Yes, we can do this for you, but it will require the site name, username and password that you will have received when setting up your domain.

Head towards our products link on the home page and select the service you require, if you are using the personal service there is no financial information collected, ie, credit cards / paypal etc is not requested, its a 100% free service but you will have to complete your details.  Once finished, annotate your domain name on the shop form and we will be advised, and then tell you when to change your mx records.

There are many options available to you, a list of these are below:

  • Language
  • Address : you can monitor more than one mailbox with permission
  • What to do with spam : quarrantine, deliver with a keyword in the subject line or immediate delete
  • Retain error messages
  • Report delivery frequency
  • Format of reports
  • Where to send the reports
  • Quarrantine format
  • Control user related messages
  • Create an address group
  • View all quarrantine items
  • Release quarrantined messages
  • Report a false positive (unlikely)
  • Purge the quarrantine
  • Manually send the report
  • Selectable online activity statistics

Once you are setup, you have access to your control panel, you can log into this by using your current email password and email address, or, if you did not want to use this (or cant remember it), we can setup an alternative set of login credentials.  When you are in the panel, you will see a 60 day log of all items marked as spam, virus, malware or dangerous, you can also inspect the email header and choose to release it for delivery and even advise us in the very unlikely event that you conside this to be a valid message.

If you have a domain name that is configured to accept any email addressed to it (unwise),  you will have to select the corporate or smtpfeed package.  This type of service is used on some mailservers where external dissemination is used to redistribute the email internal to your facility, and is sometimes referred to as an smtp feed.  Check our product section for this option

You can opt for the business or corporate service, however, if you wish to remain as a personal user we do have an option to pay for additional address’s at the rate of £1 per month per address, this can be found within our products section.