Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a dormant or even new domain with no DNS records, you are welcome to use ours if you have selected a paid Killspam service.  The names of our servers will have to be setup on your domain name, they are :

  • ns1.cc5d.com
  • ns2.cc5d.com

Advise us when this has been completed and we will generate the records for you.

Your domain DNS records are on DNS servers somewhere in the world, you may have access to them with the company you purchased your domain from, in which case you can chenge the records yourself.  It may be the case that your ISP has control of the DNS servers, so contact them.  You can also look up what DNS servers you are using by checking any whois online, there will be a list of them at the end of the records.

The setup process is very simple, no changes whatsoever have to be made to your email client, browser, network or PC.  The only change that has to be made is on your domain DNS records, where the two entries you have for the MX records need to be changed to ours, we do the rest on our side