The only Antispam Gateway you will ever need Killspam A proven AntiSpam service that has no competition…

Killspam handles
  • blacklists
  • spammy
  • phishing
  • exploited
  • infected
  • inbound
  • outbound
email silently and efficiently.

100% free for personal use, with upto 2 email address’s and upto 2 alias’s, on one domain, activation is simple, details in the faq
Any single domain name with upto 10 email address’s and 10 alias’s that are used primarily for business purposes
For larger business’s with more than 10 email address’s on a single domain name with multiple domain and email alias’s

Your Domain

Use any existing domain name you may already have, you just have to change the MX records in the DNS settings

Our Domains

If you dont have a domain name, we have hundreds you can choose from and even forwards to any email address you have already.

New Domain

Bad business is using a free email address such as gmail etc, get yourself a new domain name with unlimited email accounts.
Blocked due to sender validation
Removed due to spam processing and validation
Clean Email

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